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These bags are the perfect size for all your grocery shopping needs. They are all food grade safe, and will happily stand up on their own, leaving you with 2 free hands for packing your shopping.

Our jute grocery bags are made in India.  Jute is a fantastic natural fibre that will not leave a footprint when it eventually finishes its shopping bag life.

We have a large range of wholesale reusable grocery shopping bags, all stocked in Sydney Australia, so we can offer a quick delivery. These grocery bags come in a range of sizes and styles, you’re bound to find the perfect bag for all your advertising needs.

Jute is a long, soft, shiny Bast fibre that can be spun into coarse, strong threads. "Jute" is the name of the plant or fibre used to make burlap, hessian or gunny cloth, so jute and hessian are the same thing. 

We have stock in Sydney, Australia so can offer a fast delivery.

15 products
  • JB6030 - Jute Large Market Bag
  • JB6115 - Jute Australian Supermarket Bag
  • JB6020 - Jute Large Carry Bag - Natural / Natural
  • JB6114 - Jute Cotton Pocket Bag - Natural / Black
  • JB6132 - Jute UK Carry Bag Luxury Handle
  • JB6112 - Jute Cotton Pocket Bag - Natural / Lime
  • JB6111 - Jute Cotton Pocket Bag - Natural / Natural
  • JB6010 - Jute Large Carry Bag - Natural / Blue