Collection: Large Bags

These are our largest bags, ideal for all your branding needs. We have a wide variety of big bags, large enough to hold the biggest print, shout out your message on the biggest bag.

Available for wholesale are large jute bags, big hessian bags, and big cotton bag. Many of these bags are lined food grade safe, so can be wiped clean after use, alternatively the cotton big bags can be thrown in the washing machine and come out looking brand new.

All of our stock is in Sydney Australia so we can offer a fast delivery.

8 products
  • JB6030 - Jute Large Market Bag
  • JB6020 - Jute Large Carry Bag - Natural / Natural
  • JB6140 - Jute UK Carry Bag Natural Luxury
  • JB6132 - Jute UK Carry Bag Luxury Handle
  • JB6010 - Jute Large Carry Bag - Natural / Blue
  • JB6127 - Jute UK Carry Bag Long Handle, un-laminated
  • JB6025 - Jute Large Carry Bag - Natural / Red
  • JB6015 - Jute Large Carry Bag - Natural / Green